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JS Bach Transcriprions for Viola da Gamba (CD)

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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750)close

Transcriptions for Viola da Gamba BWV 1003, 1004 and 1006 (Violin Solo Sonata 2, Partitas 2&3)

Partia 3za in E Major (D Major), BWV1006 Preludio - Loure - Gavotte en Rondeau - Menuet 1&2 - Bouree - Gigue

Sonata 2da in a minor, BWV 1003 Grave - Fuga - Andante - Allegro

Partia 2da in d minor, BWV1004 Allemande - Corrente - Sarabanda - Giga - Ciaccona

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We have now stopped publishing our own music, but are slowly handing over our previous volumes to Walhall Edition in Germany.

Please note that the Facsimile of the Solo pieces by CF Abel is still available from us

We also have a few old volumes left over which we are selling at a discount

Susanne Heinrich

Viola da Gamba
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is a German viol player living in England. She has toured the world and made too many recordings to count them all. Former member of the Palladian Ensemble and Charivari Agreable, she now only accepts limited performing opportunities to fit in with her full-time work for the University of Oxford.


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