Susanne Heinrich is a German viol player living in England. She has toured the world and made more recordings than she can remember. Apart from working with most leading ensembles in the UK and elsewhere, she was a member of the Palladian Ensemble for 12 years, and founder member of Charivari Agreable for 15 years. Susanne has done bits of writing and reviewing for various music magazines, her Abel Solo CD won a Gramophone award in 2008, and her small publishing venture brought unknown music and her own arrangements to players all over the world. She briefly taught at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, was the administrator to the Viola da Gamba Society for seven years, and has stayed on as a volunteer to manage their website. Since 2007 she has worked in Postgraduate Administration in Higher Education and now only accepts limited performing opportunities to fit in with her work for the University of Oxford.
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You can also find her latest creative ventures on her other website, Artizann.co.uk

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