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7 Divisions transposed for Recorders in C & F by Banister, Keller and Finger
(as CAP002 minus Arias by C. Pallavicino)
GB-Lcm C41/1 (formerly II.F.10 (2))
Christopher Simpson, The Division Violist, London 1659

Division No. 1 [Division by] Mr Keller (d.1704)
Division No. 2 [Divisions on] Old Simon ye King [Anon.]
Division No. 3 Mr Banisters Division (1624/5-1679)
Division No. 4 Division by Mr Finger for ye Flute (c.1660-1730)
Division No. 5 [Division by Finger ?]
Division No. 6 [Division by Finger ?]
Division No. 7 Mr Finger

(like 008 but without Pallavicino)



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